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mmm, thanks for you reply.

I thought this was the case, i’m really not sure what is going on here. i have tried everything but it keeps getting stuck on me.

I have the exact some config and this is what i have being able to reproduce with the same code flashed to the arduino.

Plug into a usb power supply(apple 5w). – No good.

Plug into laptop without IDE on (MBP and Mac Air) – No good

Plug into Laptop with IDE on. – boots up, plays my tunes as requested by code and button switches.

Plug into a Raspberri pi with IDE installed and running, boots up and plays my tunes.


I’m really confused why this is happening. I can’t do any more testing now, my device is in an installation connected to a rPi to power it. Lost a lot of hair to this, perhaps it’s a power supply thing, at least that’s what i thought.