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Does not sound good, as the DREQ is sourced from the VS1053. I suspect voltmeter indicates it is always low.

What is the measured state of the:


3.3V and 1.8V

Is the crystal at 12.288MgHz

Inspect all the solder joints. You may want to reflow them with an iron, one by one.

If you comment out the

if(result != 0) {…

That is stopping the code from continuing, can you “d” out the directory. Sounds like the SdCard is working.

Perhaps comment out the sd.initErrorHalt(); and remove the SdCard and then see if the VS1053 then starts talking.

Check to make sure that one of the VS1053 GPIO’s is not causing it to be in master mode.

Does the MP3_Shield_RealtimeMIDI.ino example work on it? Note this sketch can be configured by default not to use the SPI interface that is being blocked by the lack of DREQ. Rather it can use a SoftSerial port to send MIDI notes. and should sound like a sequence of notes starting of very low. if GPIO0 is high it will be in the wrong mode of master. If GPIO1 is high it will be in RT-MIDI mode.

The later GPIO1 is on D4 so it can not be initially used. The above MIDI sketch uses it appropriately.

If these fail. I am not sure expect to try another shield.