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Hi Bill, half hour after emailing you, while staring down at the 2 arduinos, I remembered about the ground between the 2.  Duh!  Hooked it up and it works!  Thanks!

I looked thru your web site and am very impressed at all the stuff you have done and are doing.  In particular, it is great that you are so involved in STEM outreach to the schools in your area.  I am an EE (from Hawaii) also and I mentor several middle schools in VEX robotics competitions.  The kids really enjoy robotics and it is amazing how fast they pick it up.  Within 3 months, they are building competition robots out of metal, using a microcontroller with up to 10 motors and all kinds of sensors and doing autonomous programming in “C”.

 On another note, I would like to thank you for creating the MP3 and IR libraries.  They are working great!  I am using them in my Arduino Xmas Tree project that I just finished recently and they saved me a bunch of time and made it a breeze.  Here’s a YouTube video of it. 


 Merry Xmas and Thanks again for all you wonderful work!