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no, i haven’t seen this link.

when i try to understand de specificty of leonardo, i found that:



Support for Arduino Leonardo is afflicted by having the SPI pins not routing the same pins as the UNO. This is similar to the Arduino Mega. Where as it appears it should simply work with additional jumpers, from the Leonardo’s ICSP port, which has the SPI pins to the MP3 shields equivalent SPI pins. `
Leo’s ICSP4 to the MP3’s D11 for MOSI
Leo’s ICSP1 to the MP3’s D12 for MISO
Leo’s ICSP3 to the MP3’s D13 for SCK `
and remember to NOT use D10 as an input. It must be left as output.



i have allready made that by myself without result.

i think i’ll test with my nano to see if the problem is the same.