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    Dear Forum people,

    I am working on a University project with a leading mobile telecom company to offer an ‘Inventors Kit’ that would include, among other things, SIM cards and maybe RFiD tags. The kit should allow you to build something that would have different devices ‘talking’ to each other through WiFi, RFID or mobile lines.

    The goal is to provide a beginner kit with complete instructions and components etc for immature. Can you suggest some projects or stuff like that. I am having just a basic understanding of electronics, but my project give me a chance to pitch it to the CEO of a leading mobile company. If he likes the idea then we will be able to come up with business plan. I’m open to whether your suggestions include Raspberry Pi or Arduino or anything similar. Please bear in mind that this would be a starter kit for novices and beginners.

    Any advice or suggestions you would provide would be highly appreciated and the more details the better.

    For further communication I am open for email and skype sessions.

    Thank you!

    Tech dummy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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