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    Hello, I downloaded and installed the libraries, I get this error:

    Free RAM = 2292 Should be a base line of 1029, on ATmega328 When using INTx
    Can not access SD card. Do not reformat.
    No card, wrong chip select pin, or SPI problem?
    SD errorCode: 0X1, 0X1F

    I have a Freaduino ONE v1.8, an SD card MP3 player with built-in geeetech.

    The connections are the following:


    If I use the libraries that I consigna Geeetech works but I can not go to the polling card in order to support IrRemote.
    The libraries of geeetech instantiates the sd inside begin:

    uint8_t SFEMP3Shield :: begin () {

       pinMode (MP3_DREQ, INPUT);
       pinMode (MP3_XCS, OUTPUT);
       pinMode (MP3_XDCS, OUTPUT);
       pinMode (MP3_RESET, OUTPUT);
       digitalWrite (MP3_XCS, HIGH) / / Deselect Control
       digitalWrite (MP3_XDCS, HIGH) / / Deselect Date
       digitalWrite (MP3_RESET, LOW); / / Put into VS1053 hardware reset
       / / Setup SD card interface
       / / Pin 10 must be set as an output for the SD communication to work.
       / / pinMode (10, OUTPUT);
       / / pinMode (53, OUTPUT);
       / / Initialize the SD card and configure the I / O pins.
       if (! card.init (SPI_FULL_SPEED, SD_SEL)) return 1;

    someone can ‘help me, to run the standard libraries or go to the polling those consignate.

    Thank you.

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