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    hi i’ve read the example but i’m not understand how to check if mp3 is playing.

    i’m writing a mp3 player app same as SparkFun example but using your libary.

    i would like to check/set if mp3 is playing , if i press again the button the mp3 stop.


    IF i press trigger 1 , mp3 1 start. then if i press again mp3 stop,

    if mp3 1 is running and i play trigger 2 , mp3 1 stop, if i press again trigger 2 , mp3 2 start …. and this for any trigger (4 trigger total)

    best regards…  i’m not able to found a manual that explain mp3 library … exist?


    The manual is documented in the github page HERE

    Please take note of the Troubleshooting & Non-Blocking Limitations section

    • "Error code: 1 when trying to play track"
      • See the above Limitations. about Non-Blocking.
      • Remember to check your audio cables and volume.

    The limitation describes why and how to poll for playing.

    if(!MP3player.isPlaying()) {
      Serial.println(F("Currently playing."));
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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