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    Thank you sooooo much for this amazing library it helps out so much. So I’ve followed every step and I got my ps2 controller connected to my Arduino uno, to which I’ve loaded the example sketch on. When running the serial monitor I get “Controller refusing to enter Pressures mode, may not support it.” Which I don’t think will mind my project anyways because it still reads all the buttons. However when I move the joysticks there is no output, and when I press L1 orR1 I get ” Stick Values:115,120,116,130″ is this supose to happen? My qeustion however is how do I control 4 servos with the joysticks? One servo for each axis. I do know how to insert the servo library on a simple sketch, however your code is so overwelming I don’t quite know where to start when I need to start putting code in the loop section.

    Thanks in advance.




    Ok so yesterday the controller was working now I start everything up again and the serial monitor says “No controller found, check wiring, see readme.txt to enable debug. visit for troubleshooting tips

    Unknown Controller type” Ive tried resetting the board, unplugging all the wires, switching pins but nothing seems to work anymore. By the way it’s a Uno R3.



    Did you try all the troubleshooting tips?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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