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    I have been trying like hell to get this library to function properly. I have made connection with no problems at all and it even kinda works! which is great but the issue I am having is a lot of the buttons don’t function at all.

    Buttons that don’t work: PadL, PadUP, PadDown, L1,L2,R1,R2, Triangle and circle.

    The rest of these buttons work … Sometimes, most of the time.

    It will work then randomly the serial monitor will “glitch?” and “receive” an endless amount of responses from the controller and print them. These responses are typically of those buttons that don’t actually function (list above) when the buttons are pressed. Ive tried all the troubleshooting procedures.

    Ive seen in several instances where there are different models of controllers out there and are mapped a little differently. Could this be the issue that I am having?

    Slagcoin.com has a great list of controller pinouts including the different model controllers.

    What controller mode are you using? Mine is a Dual Shock H. It says what model it is right above “made in china” print on the back.

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