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    I’ve used Easytransfer successfully  for some time but now and I’m trying to connect a Mega (generates the data) with a DUE (with TFT shield to display the data).

    I have no problem to connect 2 Due’s or 2 Mega’s with Easytransfer  but sending from a Mega to a DUE (or from a DUE to a Mega) does not work.

    The DUE and MEGA are connected via RS485 to cover the distance between both as well as to match the operating voltage (3.3 vs 5.0V)

    The RS485 works fine between DUE and MEGA in both directions as long as I use Serial.write, so I am pretty sure everything works fine on the hardware side.

    Using Easytransfer I do not seem to receive anything.

    The sketch is really simple, works fine fore MEGA <-> MEGA or DUE <-> DUE (I recompile the same sketch) but not for DUE <->MEGA.

    if (ETrx.receiveData()){





    data_received = true;



    Any idea why this won’t work ?

    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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