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    I would like to understand correctly the names and the format of files on sd card.

    I’m using the sparkfun shield, with soldered headers, arduino uno, Arduino 1.0.4 IDE, and samsung microsh hc 4GB formatted with FAT. I’m using the FilePlayer example.

    Untill now i managed to let it work only with mp3 files and track names like track track001.mp3, track002.mp3 etc

    If I try to change file names, like t1.mp3, t2.mp3 etc, i can see them with the command from serial

    [l] Display list of music files

    but if I try to play it (either with the number 0-1 command or “f namefile” from serial).. does not works and give error 2 (2 File not found from http://mpflaga.github.io/Sparkfun-MP3-Player-Shield-Arduino-Library/index.html#Error_Codes )

    Also if I try to change the format, same error.

    I’d like to know exactly how the file name mechanism works, and how can i play files with custom namefiles and wich extension and format of files. I’m on Mac or Ubuntu, and the best thing is to have a ffmpeg command that can convert the files to the maximum quality that the shield can read.

    ps. if it is needed, for a clear and fast replay, I can also pay for it


    also, i noticed 2 more things:

    1) when i open the serial port monitor in arduino ide i receive the error 6:

    Free RAM = 1037 Should be a base line of 1029, on ATmega328 when using INTx

    Error code: 6 when trying to start MP3 player

    Warning: patch file not found, skipping.

    Use the “d” command to verify SdCard can be read

    Arduino SFEMP3Shield Library Example:

    courtesy of Bill Porter & Michael P. Flaga

    but then everything works (with track00x.mp3 issue of previous post)

    2) if i connect Speedlink Mace Subwoofer (with a minijack, no amplification, just some 20 euros speaker)
    i hear a kind of white noise. what could be caused it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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