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    Hey, I got the controller working, but…


    It only works after using the troubleshooting guide and telling the arduino directly that there is a PS2-Controller connected.

    So the arduino can’t figure out which controller is connected. I even tried to pull-up the data line, used resistors, changed pins, etc.

    Nevermind, I can get data from the arduino and print it.


    But the data isn’t correct. It always prints “Select is pressed” and if I press another key, it says “X is pressed” and “Quad is pressed”. When I press one key it gets the input for two keys. And they are always the same. If I press up, it says “Up is pressed” and “left is pressed”…

    I cleaned the controller, it’s a brand new original PS2-Controller. And the wires must be correct, because other ways round, I get no signal.



    I got it. -.-
    2 minutes after posting this threat…

    I cleaned the controller again and pulled-up data with 5.6k ohm resistor and reloaded the sketch.

    Thanks for that great library!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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