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    Help me?


    Fake post to populate support forum.

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    Please check out the Trouble Shooting Guide of common problems.

    Extensive support can be found at GitHub project page . As the code has been written with plenty of insightful comments, describing key components, features and reasoning’s in Doxygen markdown style as to directly auto generate html supporting documentation. Which can be found at GitHub project page. Please read through this document and referring linked resources. As it contains additional resources.

    And if the question still, not known. Please Ask.


    jonny  says:

    Thank you for your reply…i changed that in native SD library now i am getting in my serialmonitor is
    MP3 Testing
    Error: Card init
    Error: Volume ini
    Error: Opening root
    SCI_Mode (0×4800) = 0×0
    SCI_Status (0×48) = 0×0
    VS Version (VS1053 is 4) = 0
    SCI_ClockF = 0×0
    SCI_ClockF = 0×0
    Failed to open track001.mp3
    Failed to open track002.mp3
    .. same thing repeated up to 100..
    Failed to open track100.mp3
    Whoa there cowboy!
    I am trying with the Sparkfun MP3 samples with name track001.mp3 and track002.mp3
    Thanking you in anticipation


    Your above symptoms of all Sd init failures and MP3 0’s indicate something fundamentally is wrong. It could be the chip selects for the two chips depending on the Shields used. I am not clear if you are stating you have altered the SD library or trying to use it. Where SdFat is used.

    I recommend starting from a fresh known good position 1.0.2, from Bill’s GITHUB with no changes, as it is known to work out of the box. Following the manuals install guide corresponding to 1.0.2, taking note of the comment to restart the IDE after adding libraries. The IDE caches the list of available at start, so any added after it start will not be recognized.

    The trouble shooting guide has support for common causes of failure to connect. Note the problem is before the SPI is connecting to the MP3 shield, as the SD card Init’s are failing, so the problem is not with this driver, but something before it. Removing the fail safes and proceeding are not sufficient, rather the source problem needs to be addressed.

    You can/should also try to get SdFatLib’s QuickStart.ino example working. Using chip select 9 assuming your using the SFE’s mp3 shield.

    Also I believe you should be using IDE 1.0.0 or higher for current SdFatLib to work properly. 1.0.3 is now out.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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