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    Hi Bill,

    at first, thank you for share your knowledge, people like you are making the world spinning!!!


    i’m new on the arduino and i’m using a motor shield by adafruit.

    can you help me sending an example code to control the speed of the dc motor with this shield and the analog sticks?

    greeting’s from Brazil, man!



    I’m recovering from surgery and I’m also getting married in 3 weeks. It may be a while before I can help you in such detail.


    Hey man, i hope you get better soon and i wish all happiness to your union!!

    i’m seeing that arduino’s world is like you have to think, and get frustrated a lot to get the result’s.

    after i spend a while to figured the code, i realized it so simple and at front of my face…

    thank you again for your attitude!

    i hope we can talk in the future with more time



    Im new to  this arduino stuff but why not treat the PSS_LY ans PSS_RY as a variable resistor that increases?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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