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    Hi Bill, Hi all,

    Perhaps somebody knows a solution to the following problem:

    I have about 4000 samples (max 10sec) and depending on a sensor, I need to play them immediatly. Sometimes I need to stop a sample and play another. The problem I am facing is that it takes a considerable time (2 to 3 counts) before the mp3 sample starts to play, and I also do not seem to be able to seamlessly stitch a new sample to a stopped sample.

    if I have the code:


    result = MP3player.playMP3(file_name);


    it takes too long before the new sample (“file_name”) starts.


    How could I:

    a). Improve the start time (decreasing the file load time)?

    b). Decrease the time gap between stop.Track() and playMP3()?


    Thanks for all sugestions!



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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