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    I tried for three days with a blue scph-10010 controller. i changed the .h and .cpp files added one 10k pull up resistor (brown black red) between vcc and data. vcc connected to 3.3 on arduino. uncommented debugging in the .h and changed the clock speed to 22. finally had some crazy data happening, but it was registering as the guitar and plain just not making sense. I broke down and stole my girlfriends ps2 remote and swapped the wiring to her controller everything is working beautifully now. My advice to you is dont use the cheapest controller. Though they were identical in looks in everyway hers felt a tid bit heavier, and more robust when pushing buttons. Since it took me three days to figure it all out and I was stressed with the info and lack support on questions I’m leaving this for the next sorry fellow who is having issues.

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