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    i’d like to connect the Arduino and the mp3 shield and my Raspberry Pi, and send the data directly from the Raspberry, without using the SD card socket. Is this possible? How should I start?




    There are several challenges to this. The current library only accepts from SdCard. Second one needs a conduit between Raspberry and Arduino.

    Serial port would be the most obvious, then SPI, the I2C. Where as throughput is a major concern along with building a layer to transport the stream over the selected interface.

    Where there is a fork that I have not yet integrated into the original library that is a Internet Radio Player. It accepts stream over Ethernet. It has the added cost of the Ethernet Shield. https://github.com/gallegojm/Sparkfun-MP3-Player-Shield-Arduino-Library/tree/Due. Where it is originally for an Due. But should work for an UNO.

    That all said I would recommend that you look at the following Ada Fruit App Note on Raspberry MP3 player as to not need the Arduino.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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