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    Playing other files (aac,wma,ogg) than mp3.

    Hey Bill or somebody.

    Am using SparkFun MP3 Player shield and RedBoard also your library.

    I’m having an issue about error code 2. I know its stands for (File not found) but the funny thing is that I can see the files in serial monitor. Am using the exampel code FilePlayer and i’m able to play mp3 files so basically the things are working.
    The reason  I use the FilePlayer is because there is a comment in it saying its should be able to play the other file formats. Should I change something in the code to be able to play the other files?
    I have change the file names as I should and the problem should not be the formats (samplerate/Bitrates) but it can be something that I have not noticed.



    I just  tried out http://techslides.com/demos/samples/sample.aac with the current version FilePlayer.ino and it worked fine.

    Looking at your images, i see that it looks like you are using an older version. specifically in the dump of your help I see

    ” [###] Enter index of file to play, zero pad! e.g. 01-65534″

    the current version prints the following:

    ” [0####] Enter index of file to play, zero pad! e.g. 01-65534″

    This is important as I suspect that the problem is that you are not preceding the file index with a ZERO. if the initial digit is 0 then it will used the index location of the directory. example “05” will play “test.aac”, where “5” will play “TRACK005.wma”. This allows the sketch to be backwards compatible. Leading with a non-zero is the original demo.

    Note that the VS1053 chip does not even see the file name, rather it auto detects the file format. The file extension is simply used to filter out none audio files from the List command. Where the Play command uses the same filter to find the files.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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