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    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for this wonderful library. As someone who is frequently called upon to refactor other folks code into a more useful package, I appreciate the effort you’ve gone to. (Error handling!) Thanks to your great troubleshooting guide I’ve been able to get the used DS2 I bought connected to my Arduino. (3.3v output with a 10k pull-up resister on the data pin did the trick.) However, I have one outstanding issue: my controller refuses to enter pressure mode. Everything else works perfectly. Is it plausible this is an issue with clock speed and/or needing additional pull-up resistors, or is it more likely that my controller is simply hosed?

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as is your time.




    What kind of controller is it? As I understand it, not all 3rd party controllers had pressure sensors, and wouldn’t go into a mode they don’t support.


    Hi Bill, thanks for the response. Sorry for the delay in getting back to your. I was sprinting to get the other pieces of my bot together for our Maker Faire. (It went off without a hitch and the kids loved driving the bot with the PS2 controller.) This is an original, 1st-party DS2. As far as I can tell all the Sony controllers should support pressure mode, right?


    HI friends,


    I have a same error.

    Work only with resistor.

    Analog not working, but all buttons are ok..


    help us..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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