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    Hi guys,

    Just want to start by saying im very new to coding and really dont understand what im doing. Ive read plenty of tutorials and all that jazz it just doesnt click easily in my head.

    Im using a Pololu Maestro 24 with an Arduino Nano and a Wireless PS2 handle as my set up.


    My project is a 3DOF 6 legged hexapod. Ive tried several servo controllers and the Pololu Maestro 24 channel seems to be the best from what ive experimented with. So i would like to use that controller but i also want to use a PS2 handle to control it. Only problem is unlike the other servo controllers it has no support for a PS2 so i need to do it all myself.

    What ive done so far is to copy the PS2 example code and compiled and loaded it to the nano, i have it hooked up right but i have no idea if it works.

    Ive also been reading up on the Maestro/arduino library and found the script example in the link below. Its supposed to be an example of how to activate a script but it looks more like its trying to move a couple servos through the arduino.

    Maestro/arduino script example.



    Now i have been reading and i know that i need the arduino to send a packet of bytes to the Maestro and vice versa. What i think i need to know is what the packet is thays being sent when i press a particular button. Any help would be much appreciated.


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