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    I have a project that Sparkfun’s Lilypad mp3 (

    Would anyone be willing to help guide this noob to make it work


    First post the web site did not post everything I typed hopefully this time it does.

    I’m using a Sparkfun Lilypad mp3, the issue I’m running into right now is that the code should be set to randomly play 1 of 12 mp3 files when trigger 1 is pulled low. Right now it is randomly playing the files when ever it wants regardless of what is going on with trigger 1

    // “Trigger” example sketch for Lilypad MP3 Player Modified
    // 1.0 initial release MDG 2012/11/01
    // We’ll need a few libraries to access all this hardware!

    #include <SPI.h> // To talk to the SD card and MP3 chip
    #include <SdFat.h> // SD card file system
    #include <SFEMP3Shield.h> // MP3 decoder chip


    // And a few outputs we’ll be using:

    const int ROT_LEDR = 10; // Red LED in rotary encoder (optional)
    const int EN_GPIO1 = A2; // Amp enable + MIDI/MP3 mode select
    const int SD_CS = 9; // Chip Select for SD card

    // Create library objects:

    SFEMP3Shield MP3player;
    SdFat sd;
    // We’ll store the five filenames as arrays of characters.
    // “Short” (8.3) filenames are used, followed by a null character.

    char filename[12][13]; //This is for 12 sound files

    int pirPin = A0; //the pin where we read the val of the motsen
    int pirVal; //stores the value (hi or lo) for the motion sensor

    unsigned long time1;
    unsigned long time2;
    void setup()

    time1 = millis();
    pinMode(pirPin, INPUT);

    int x, index;
    SdFile file;
    byte result;
    char tempfilename[13];

    // The board uses a single I/O pin to select the
    // mode the MP3 chip will start up in (MP3 or MIDI),
    // and to enable/disable the amplifier chip:

    digitalWrite(EN_GPIO1,LOW); // MP3 mode / amp off

    // Initialize the SD card; SS = pin 9, half speed at first
    sd.begin(SD_CS, SPI_HALF_SPEED); // 1 for success

    // Start up the MP3 library

    MP3player.begin(); // 0 or 6 for success

    // Now we’ll access the SD card to look for any (audio) files
    // starting with the characters ‘1’ to ‘5’:

    // if (debugging) Serial.println(F(“reading root directory”));

    // Start at the first file in root and step through all of them:


    while (file.openNext(sd.vwd(),O_READ))
    // get filename


    // Does the filename start with char ‘1’ through ‘5’?

    index = tempfilename[0] – ‘1’;

    // Copy the data to our filename array.



    // Set the VS1053 volume. 0 is loudest, 255 is lowest (off):


    // Turn on the amplifier chip:

    void loop()

    int t; // current trigger
    static int last_t; // previous (playing) trigger
    int x;
    byte result;

    time2 = millis();

    if((time2 – time1)>=10000){
    pirVal = digitalRead(pirPin);
    time1 = time2;
    t = 3;

    if(pirVal == HIGH){


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