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    Hello folks

    I need a bit of gentle guidance here

    I have an Arduino Uno rev3 looking at data coming in from an XBee Series 2 attached to a gas meter with another XBee.

    It works reasonably well, but I need to work on the sketch at the same time as data is coming in and access the Arduino IDE.

    Clearly I can’t do it with the Uno with it’s one serial port, which is being used by the XBee.

    My idea was to to put the “running” sketch on a Mega 2560,connect the XBee to one serial port on the┬áMega and possibly send the XBee frames with the data on through one of the Mega’s other serial ports to the Uno…… As I write this, a snag is appearing – I still won’t be able to work on one version of the sketch. So, will I need 2 Megas?

    If this is feasible, in general terms, how would I get the XBee data onto the second Mega?

    Warning – I am a more of a hardware man on the wrong side of retirement. Even getting the libraries in the right place was the usual struggle with “doesn’t name a type” etc.

    Thanks for any help



    maybe you could try an ISP:


    With this it’s possible to keep the serial connection on RX/TX connected while programming directly on the AtMega. When you like to flash a new sketch you do it over the ICSP Connection on the uno, not directly with the USB Port of the Uno. Havn’t tryed it but maybe it works

    Good luck ,-)






    Using a software serial port is about the only way to do what you want. Can the Xbee data be slowed down to sat 9600 baud?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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