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    I need some help with an example.  How do I setup a bluetooth serial port using SoftEasyTransfer?  I have run the bluetooth example code posed by VOR73X posted here http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?topic=120113.0 and it works great.  I have also independently run the disneyTouchGuino from Instructables http://www.instructables.com/id/Touche-for-Arduino-Advanced-touch-sensing/ and it also works great.  The disneyTouchGuino relies on EasyTransfer to transmit data into the Guino graphical display on the PC.  I thought it might be possible to use SoftEasyTransfer instead of EasyTransfer thus potentially allowing me to use bluetooth but have been unsuccessful.

    I’m not looking for you to debug my code (unless you want to).  What I’m asking for is any example where it is shown possible to open a bluetooth COM port on a PC and pass data into this handle using SoftEasyTransfer or EasyTransfer.  Note the Baud rate chosen in the Guino code is 115200 but I have not been able to get a bluetooth COM port running at this speed yet.



    EasyTranser or SoftEasyTranser works independently of whatever layer 0 communications you use. Also, Bluetooth radios don’t care if they are connected to a hardware or software serial port, as long as they get the communications at the rate they expect.


    So you’ve got a lot of differnet techs mixed here, I suggest first debugging your layer 0 communications. Can you send test characters over the bluetooth link not using ET?


    So I’ve done a fair amount of work since my last post but I have given up on my project.  The Guino interface (on the PC) is an application written in C++ it utilizes EasyTransfer to display realtime sensor data from an Arduino.  It is setup to accept a hardware serial port and does not seem to function using a bluetooth serial port.  Updating this application is beyond the amount of work I’m willing to do.  I have gotten the bluetooth radio on the Arduino to transmit characters to a PC terminal and to a cell phone terminal, the problem is narrowed down to the Guino App.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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