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    I’m trying to use your library with a teensy 3.2  and a “mad catz” dual shock controller. I sort of get the software to recognize the controller but it doesn’t recognize the controller type on a regular basis. I’ve been tweaking the CTRL_CLK variable and which controller it detects varies. Something like 10 works best. When I find a number that recognizes it as a dual shock, the joy stick values vary or just plain repeat. Press R1 several times and numbers vary even with out moving the joysticks. Also If I move one joystick to limits, all the values change. So I’m assuming it’s not communicating correctly.

    I’m using the example to drive it using pins 2,3,4,5.  My question is what affect do the CTRL_CLK_HIGH and CTRL_BYTE_DELAY have and should I be tweaking them also? Running the controller power off the 3.3v output from the Teensy so there shouldn’t be a level problems or??

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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