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    I’m trying to convert a .plg from one of the VLSI patch ZIPs to a binary just like the rest of the .053 plugins, but the perl script provided isn’t accepting any .plg I give to it. I’m a noob to Perl, but I installed “DWIM Perl” and I’m running the vs_plg_to_bin.pl script from the perl command line using the same argument syntax as in the provided batch file in the plugins folder provided with the SFEMP3 library:

    vs_plg_to_bin.pl  c:\vs1053b-patches.plg  c:\output.053

    It keeps reaching the “Need input file”. Which is the first line in the script that I don’t know how to interpret:

    my $inF = $ARGV[0] or die “Need input file.\n”;

    It seems simple enough, how could I be messing this up?




    @ARGV is a system variable that is an array of the arguments passed in. It’s index is zero based. Hence $ARGV[0] is the first argument and [1] is the 2nd, etc…

    for some reason your command line is not accepting the arguments. I use Active Perl for windows. It does not really sound like a problem with the script itself. but the local OS’s command line interface calling perl. Perhaps try “perl vs_plg_to_bin.pl patchefl.053” or put quotes around each argument. It may not be being parsed by the command line interpreter.

    I was able to re-run them on the latest patches by VLSI and put some of them at https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public/vs1053b-patches230


    Thanks for the response Michael. Glad you’re still supporting these forums. Any chance you could process and upload the vs1063a-patches-190? I’m experimenting with this updated chip. Apparently the pinout is the exact same so it’s a drop-in replacement.

    I’ll keep trying different syntax to get my environment to accept the arguments. Or I’ll just swap out for Active Perl.



    <div class=”db-modal-title-text” style=”display: inline;”>vs1063a-patches-190 at</div>
    <h2 class=”db-modal-title” style=”margin: 0px; line-height: normal; padding: 20px 32px; font-size: 18px; box-sizing: content-box; font-weight: normal; min-height: 24px; flex-shrink: 0; border-top-left-radius: 4px; border-top-right-radius: 4px; color: #3d464d; font-family: ‘Open Sans’, ‘lucida grande’, ‘Segoe UI’, arial, verdana, ‘lucida sans unicode’, tahoma, sans-serif; background-image: none; background-attachment: initial; background-size: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-position: initial; background-repeat: initial;”>https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c43rp3jhkxd627c/AAB8iQ9J7puj8hgnSQin38tha?dl=0</h2&gt;


    Thanks Michael.

    And you were right about the command line syntax for the DWIM Perl deployment. I needed quotes around the arguments.

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