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    I have not much experience with electronics, so please be gentle. 🙂

    I’m trying to mate Teensy 3.0 board (3.3V) with PS2 controller and don’t have much success with that.

    I’ve tried 4 different brands of controllers including the original one. With the original the led is on, but it doesn’t work at all. With Thrustmaster Dual trigger 3-in-1 I could see FC, EC and other digits 😉 in debug for controller type, but it never worked. The one from Sparkfun (it has awefull analog sticks!!!) and some chinese Exeq Extreme (with excellent sticks!!!) both work with CTRL_CLK=5+, but they both experience the same problem with select and L2 buttons – select appears to constantly blink even when not pressed and the L2 constantly blinks when pressed.

    So when I noticed the same problem with two distinct controllers I decided it’s time to try the DATA wire resistor trick. Please, advise me what resistor power should I purchase? I understand it has to be 10K ohm, but that power?

    Thank you!


    I have good news and bad news.

    After adding a 10k 0.25w pull-up resistor to data I succeeded to make one of the four controllers that I have, the Exeq Extremer, to work flawlessly with Teensy 3.0. It works even with CTRL_CLK=2!!! 🙂 Actually I am starting to love this controller. It feels much much more comfortable in hands than the rest of the bunch. It’s more comfortable to precisely control sticks and L2 and R2 buttons are better positioned for middle fingers. Don’t think you can find those in the US though…

    The bad news is that the other 3 controllers still don’t work with the same symptoms. This really upsets me much. I hoped that I could build a setup that would allow me to plug any controller into my thing.

    Teensy is a 3.3V board and I’m feeding the controllers with 3.3V too, so I guess adding resistors inbetween the controller’s pins and the board isn’t relevant, is it?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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