LED Lab Coat 3.0

Posted in Projects by Bill
28 Oct 2010

It’s the time again and I bring you an update to my ever aging ‘Mad Scientist’ Halloween costume. What started out as a college budget built led labcoat with just a clock and 4017 decade counter has evolved to include now two Arduino micro controllers. One runs the individual LED rows you see running random patterns. The second runs the scrolling marquee hanging off my chest. Everything is run off a 14.4V Li-Ion battery pack that I custom built.  Even the LED Marquee is custom built.

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LED Lab Coat 2.0.1, Video and Source

Posted in Software Libraries by Bill
12 Jan 2010

Here is a video of the LED Lab Coat with the better PWM code. If you are interested in how I programed 8 channels of software PWM, here is the source available for download.

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LED Lab Coat 2.0 Video

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1 Dec 2009

A bad video of the new Lab Coat. I rewrote the PWM code after this and the fades are more smooth. Better video coming soon.

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