S.A.G.A.R. update – IT’S ALIVE!!!!

Posted in Projects by Bill
7 Apr 2010

Ok, so I’m a little overexcited. I just got back from watching SAGAR complete it’s first autonomous mission. I just finished coding the navigation functions and couldn’t wait till the next day to test. Attached is an image of the mission it ran.

I used a Ardupilot program to generate the mission file with waypoints, convert it to a hex file using gcc, and I manually flash that into the Axon’s EEPROM memory. When SAGAR comes online, I give it a command to scan the mission file in memory, then I command it to run the mission.

It worked rather well, I had to stop it a few times to avoid hitting a curb or two, but other then that it hit all the waypoints in it’s mission. The cheapo Venus GPS I’m using for SAGAR apparently is really inaccurate at times.

More to come…


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